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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tip #13

Tip #13: Never put ice cubes in a pan of hot oil.

This one was actually learned fairly recently. One of my roommates was making some taquitos by frying them and also made myself and my other roommates some homemade chips (or crisps as called in England). He warned us beforehand that it was going to be a bit smoking and smell greasy too. I was used to this smell and even liked it a little bit because the smell reminds me of when frybread was made inside of my family house until we got smart enough to cook it outside. I digress. Anyway, Nick (the roommate who was cooking) just finished everything and decided to put ice cubes inside the pan to help cool the oil down. He did not expect when the oil started bubbling. Soon, it started sizzling really loud and had a similar reaction to Mentos and Diet Coke (much like the video above ^).
Colby, Nick, and I just stood there and watched it for a good five minutes (it was still going) until it finally stopped.

We have a few theories as to why it reacted that way, the more likely theory being the air bubbles in the ice cube somehow reacted with the oil.

All in all, just keep your ice cubes AWAY from the oil.


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  1. Dude, you're lucky you didn't set your house on fire.
    The problem is that when oil is heated up for frying something, it gets hotter than boiling water. So, when you put something like ice in there, the water vaporizes and will cause steam bubbles that snap and pop and spray hot oil everywhere... not a great idea, that one.