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Monday, December 5, 2011

Tip #12

Tip #12: Pay tithing. The Lord blesses those who give back what is His.
So this one is pretty much a no brainer. Sadly, there are those who have trouble keeping themselves out of debt, myself included. From what I've observed, whenever we get money from a job or by other means(...), we quite often have a tendency to immediately spend it on what we want or what is needed to be spent on, such as bills. It's really not that difficult to pay tithing when you know what to expect.

For you LDS readers, we of course know what the end result is when we pay tithing. It states somewhere in Doctrine and Covenants (it'll come to me later) that blessings will be poured out from heaven and you'll have so many blessing that you won't know what to do with all of them. I sure as heck believe that because of several examples:

One: I really didn't have much money to spend on groceries so as you can imagine, I had nothing to eat. The last time I had a decent meal was approximately around Thanksgiving. Since Thanksgiving, I've been living off of Ramen and cold cereal, rarely eating in order to preserve whatever food I had left. It sucked, true, but I made it work. I told one of my co-workers about my situation, believing it was going to be in the strictest confidence. At one point she tried to offer me a $15 gift card for the grocery store I work in, to which I promptly refused. Then she pulled in the big guns: my head supervisor. The supervisor called me over and handed me $20 to buy myself groceries with. I was about to protest when she said, "Drew, don't argue with your boss." I walked away slightly muttering to myself, yet inside, I felt loved.

Two: For those who follow my Facebook know of this little story. I was working the day after the above-mentioned event when another one of my supervisors calls me over. Me, being me, assumed that I did something wrong and figured it probably had something to do with the floor sweeps. To my surprise, they told me that some woman came by and gave them an envelope with my name on it and a little message that said: "Drew, have a great day! :) (smiley face included)." It struck my curiosity, which turned to amazement when I discovered a $20 bill inside. How about that?

If my stories did not convince you of what tithing does, go find others. I'm sure they have plenty of stories to tell, besides myself. But in all seriousness, give tithing a shot and see what blessings are poured unto you, should you choose to accept them ;).


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