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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tip #11

Tip #11: You're an idiot if you think you know what love is while still in high school.

Now now, wait a second. Before you start your angry protestations and dark, brooding thoughts about pummeling me into the ground, I just got say that this is from MY point of view. I am in no wise saying that you, the reader, doesn't know what love is. I'm sure some of you got lucky and probably understand it more than I ever could, but just hear me out.

In the past, I have actually single dated (yes I know, shame on me for you LDS readers). But to be honest, I don't regret it. I have learned many lessons from each experience I've had with the girls that I went out with. Each girl, I have said the "I love you" spatch. Have I meant it? Course I have. A philosophy that I have is to love with an open heart. But what does it really mean to love?

I have watched my friends' relationships with their girlfriends/boyfriends. Each one is more/less different from the other. Yet, from my side, I am left puzzled. From here, it looks like they know what it is, yet they can not explain it either.

In the past, I have often asked my parents what it means to love. I still have not gotten a clear answer. The logical thinking of me is that love is an inexplicable feeling. Like that will do me any good. Which raises the question, how will I know that I am in love? How do I know that it is not just my hormones?

We as teens sure believe that we know but the truth most likely is, we don't know. We often believe that love is when a person can not leave your mind, when almost everything you do reminds you of that person, or whatever song comes on, reminds you of that person. Our hearts may even race a little bit when we think of that special someone or we get butterflies in our stomach. We may even feel happier whenever we're around that person. We often naively suggest that we can not live without that person in our lives or we'll stay single for the rest of our lives because this person no longer sees you as an important part in her/his life.

Such naivity. We have much to learn.

Perhaps there's a small part inside of us that already knows what love is. Maybe even some of us know it, while others are still trying to discover it within themselves. I know that I'm in that second category. I am only eighteen and just a freshman in college. My life is only beginning. But I can not help but wonder. It is human nature after all, to ponder about the inexplicable, to find an explanation. What if I already experienced it and I did not even realize it? What if I have yet to experience it? Questions, questions, questions.

To you, my adult readers who are either married or engaged, my hope is that you will hopefully find some sort of explaination as to what love is and what it feels like, so that I can have some sort of clue. I need something other than, "I just knew/know he/she was/is the one."

To you, my fellow peers, may we figure out what love is and pray that it's not just our hormones talking. If you're not concerned with love, then more power to you. You guys don't have to suffer as much as I do and as others in my predicament. If you have indeed figured it out, help the rest of us out, eh?


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