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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tip # 7

Tip # 7: Pick up your pencil.

As I'm certain most of you are aware, this month is indeed November. It is the month of fall leaves, and making that almost unnatural transition from summer to winter. It is also the month where art takes the most inspiration, ranging from photography to writing. If you haven't caught on, I'm refering to the NaNoWriMo writing event. Now what this event is all about, the idea is to start a novel and have at least by November 30th at 11:59 p.m. It's essentially a self(ish)-motivator to write a novel. It's quite a feat to do, seeing as though I cannot write to save my life hahaha, with the exception of this blog. 

Why "pick up your pencil?" There are endless possiblities within the human imagination and endless possibilities when you pick up your pencil. With a pencil, incredible stories have been written, important documents have been made, music has been given physical form, pictures have been captured and plucked from imagination, and emotions have been expressed. Simply all at the movement of the hand and a simple idea that evolved within the brain.  I stress the fact that there are endless possiblities because it is so true! However, there are many that doubt that they can even draw a stick figure or even write a simple sentence. To you I say, you never know until you try.

Take me for example. I couldn't draw at all. The only thing I could draw were stick figures that somewhat attempted expressed emotion. I was quite frustrated, especially due to the fact that my kid sister had my dad's artistic ability and could sketch a rather realistic cedar berry tree. It wasn't until my freshmen year in high school when I discovered that I do have some artistic talent. I was in my geometry class at the time and we were supposed to use geometric shapes to make something artistic. I started off with a simple hexagon and then I completely zoned out the world around me. Approximately 45 minutes later, this hexagon evolved into something I never even thought possible. This new found talent would, in later years, become an escape and a defense against the world. It was also then I found that I could draw music into my own unique form, with these geometric shapes.

Whether you be an artist, a photographer, a writer, a musician, or none of these, just pick up a pencil and try to create. You'll find that you are actually more capable of creating than you realize.


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