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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tip # 6

Tip # 6: Miscommunication should always be resolved face to face.

Typically in olden days, communication was limited to face to face or letters that would take weeks to months to reach a person. Nowadays, we have telephones, IMing, e-mail, and other various forms of wireless communication. The one I would like to point out in particular is texting. Don't get me wrong, it's a very useful but also a bit dangerous. Now if you give me a second to stand on my soap box....

Now then. Approximately one month ago, a friend of mine and I were kind of, sort of, not getting along. He said one thing that I thought meant something else entirely and vice versa. This caused us both to not speak to one another for quite a bit. Eventually, it appeared that things were getting better and it actually was. Until that one Sunday where the miscommunication was at its worst. In which
I overreacted by telling him to stop talking to me and to have a nice life. It is something I am not proud of. However, thankfully, we decided to talk it out face to face to clear up any misconceptions we had.  I came, fully prepared to do my part to fix it, but was a little unsure of what to expect.  It's a good thing though, that we decided to talk it out. Everything turned out great, everything got resolved, and we're friends again.
Lesson learned? I hope so. We'd be idiots if we repeated this experience again.


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